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Treasure Yourself!

Written by  April 29th, 2016

Have you ever wondered how to talk to your child about drugs? About teenage pregnancy? And what to do to avoid it?

The city of Orange, New Jersey, held a very informative program at the Lincoln School on Saturday, March 5 to discuss how to present such topics to one's children. Students, grandparents and parents were there to learn about the different counseling services and programs to guide teens to more productive, healthy life-styles.

Among the presenters were Mrs. Lillie Moore, Executive Director of the YWCA, Mr. Thomas Wright and Mr. Thomas Johnson of the Greater Essex Counseling Services; Ms. Sade Criss of Family Connections, and Nandi Bengu, WFWP Harlem Chapter Chairwoman, who presented C.L.U.E. (Creating Love and Uplifting Esteem), an abstinence based program to help young people make informed and better decisions when it comes to their bodies and their futures.

Organizations who participated were encouraged to set up information tables and the students served a great breakfast and lunch to the participants.

Clinician Thomas Johnson said he often feels like a missionary in his mental health practice. He gets such great satisfaction listening to people with problems and trying to work with and help them. He feels he is helping them on their spiritual path to wholeness. He advised, "Don't take a job just for money, find a job that also gives you satisfaction." He shared how he himself had been a drug addict, but with help, he was able to return to college and get his Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology.

A representative from "First Choice" spoke and was very knowledgeable in the area of teen pregnancy. There are over 50 kinds of STDs that one can get from being promiscuous. She admonished, "Treasure yourself." She took out a small treasure chest bedecked with pearls and jewels. She continued, "Save what is important for marriage. Make sure you are mature enough to handle a baby."

Ms. Nandi Bengu presented C.L.U.E. during lunch to the students advocating saving sex until each person matures and gets to know each other and develop as functional human beings first.

Mayor Dwayne D. Warren, Esq. and councilman were there at the event, as well as three firefighters from the town, and many educators.

This kind of program is very helpful to parents, students, and educators who wish to guide the youth in their charge to personal fulfillment and moral clarity.