In honor of Women's History Month, the Elizabeth Chapter of WFWP initiated the "CARE PACKAGE PROJECT." The idea was to start a collection and fundraising drive to help homeless women in the community by donating personal hygiene and accessories such as hand sanitizers, tissues, toothbrushes, toothpaste, face towels, deodorant, soap, and scarves. The Association of Christian Evangelist immediately sent their financial donation together with several families and individuals. Others donated items to include in the packages. WFWP USA also donated bags and brochures.

The campaign started at the beginning of March and lasted until the 30th. Then the drop-off was made at the end of the month to the recipient organization: the Elizabeth Coalition To House the Homeless, a non-profit organization helping the homeless and near homeless by giving people the tools and support they need to live healthy, self-sufficient lives. http://theelizabethcoalition.org

One day prior to the drop off, officers and members of the chapter gathered, some with their daughters, at the residence of WFWP Elizabeth Chairwoman Mrs. Christine Rapada to assemble the care packages.


Thursday March 31 was the drop-off day. All 30 assembled bags were hand delivered to the recipient organization. The Executive Director Linda Flores-Tober was very happy to receive the donations. She was truly impressed with the project and she said that they really need the care packages because a lot of women come to their facility. Moreover, she was also happy to learn about WFWP and the amazing work that we do to benefit women and families.

We thank all our generous supporters and partners in making this project a great success. Although this effort will not change the root cause of homelessness; still, if we collectively become the change and determine to support integrated efforts in solving this social issue then in the long run, maybe some, if not all, the underlying causes may vanish and people have better and more secure lives.