The Northern Virginia (NOVA), Chapter of WFWP decided to conduct a month-long food drive in March of 2017. The response of the people we contacted was so gracious, that we continued the drive into April.

We learned through one of our members, Mrs. Nancy Fellenz, that a food pantry was experiencing an ongoing need for food in their local area of Northern Virginia. We decided to make this the first project of our renewed effort to serve our community in 2017.

To inspire young people to serve their communities through this project, we asked the youth group of the local NOVA Family Church to partner with us. Several high school students went door-to-door collecting food and money contributions and were very successful.

Collecting food for the Food Pantry became a family affair for some families as the 14-year-old grandson of one of our WFWP members distributed flyers in his neighborhood. His father took him around on a Saturday and they collect three very large boxes of food.

The congregation of the NOVA Family Church brought food each Sunday to be added to the generous contributions of so many people.

Altogether, we gathered over 300 pounds of food and donated it to the Food Bank. We thank everyone for their generous hearts and contributions and will continue to serve Northern Virginia with the motherly heart in diverse ways throughout the year.