You are invited to participate in a special Korean Peninsula Unity forum, organized by the Women’s Federation for World Peace New Jersey (WFWP). This event will take place on June 16, 2018 at the Korean Community Center 100 Grove Street, Tenafly, New Jersey. The theme for the forum is “Peace at Last - Stepping Forward to a New Korea.”

The forum will reveal some of the critical issues that arise in the process of peaceful unification, and the role of the international community in supporting the abolition of humanitarian disasters and conflict on the Korean peninsula. WFWP has invited a renowned Korean expert on Korean Unification Affairs, Dr. Yong-Soo Seol, who will travel from Seoul, Korea to share his perspectives on this important current issue.   

This Korean Peninsula Unity Event has been a flagship program of WFWP since its founding in 1992. WFWP is a strong advocate on the forefront promoting peaceful unification on the peninsula and WFWP International has conducted several peace initiatives locally and internationally to this end.

The Korean Peninsula Unity forum provides a golden opportunity for us to come together as leaders from various sectors, and as a community to search together for solutions to this critical problem. We hope you will join us for this important forum!

For more information call: 201-637-4656 (Korean) or 973-640-9109 (English)

Denneze Nelson