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A Time of Love and Sharing: New Jersey International Day of Peace

Written by  Denneze Nelson and Irmgard Baynes October 2nd, 2017
A Time of Love and Sharing: New Jersey International Day of Peace

On the occasion of the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2017, the New Jersey chapter held a candlelight prayer. To start off the evening, WFWP New Jersey member Olga Tobin spoke, empowering us to remember that we are incredibly precious to God and the world. She reminded us that we are building a new peaceful and loving world, and that if you think about it, the world we are living in is in many ways a fake or superficial world that lacks love.

After that, WFWP New Jersey Chairwoman Denneze Nelson asked us to come together in groups of three and each describe one deep experience they’d had in their life. When we had done that, she asked, “was this hard?,” and most answered no. Denneze then elaborated that according to a survey, sharing something deep with each other is the most difficult thing for world leaders to do.

This was followed by a prayer vigil and each table dedicated a prayer to something different, including God, family, environment, and spirit world. After the prayer, there was a chance for spontaneous reflection, in which three or four people offered a response. It was nice to see a few gentlemen had joined us for the prayer.

Reflecting on the prayer, Denneze shares,”Please let's continue to pray for our families and for others - especially those who are still reeling from the devastating floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and so many other natural disasters. Let’s not forget those who are refugees. In other words, pray for the sad and evil things to come to an end. These are truly the times when we turn within and look to the Creator. Also it's a time for deep gratitude for what we have. It's a time of love and sharing. Thank you for all the huge but quiet things you do everyday!”