Dear friends and families,

2017 for WFWP USA has been a momentous year of many unprecedented new developments, new traction in the field, and momentum toward the future.

Please enjoy reading our year-end report and see for yourself how much was accomplished in our chapters around the nation. Kudos to all our chairwomen nationwide, who are women young and older, mothers, students, professionals -- and all of them volunteers. We were able to create a lot together with your support. We consider you part of our bigger team, and thank you again so very much!

As we look into 2018, we are committed to building on the momentum that was created in 2017 (see our goals for 2018). The yearly theme that has emerged, based on discussions and where we see we need to go, will revolve around the word "Relationships" -- harmonious and wholesome relationships, which are key prerequisites for happiness, prosperity, and peace. In other words, we will be going from "Peace Starts with Me" to "Peace Starts with WE"!

All our events and educational programs will revolve around empowering women (and men) with knowledge and practical skills of reconciliation, bridging gaps and divides, appreciating our differences, going beyond prejudice, healing ourselves and healing family relationships, building bridges, connecting dots, and erasing barriers. It also will include making new friends, relationships, and partnerships for the sake of peace.

In other words, 2018 will be a year to "BE ON THE MOVE."

We are grateful for an awesome 2017, and we look forward to an even more successful, prosperous, and happy 2018 as we continue to "Live by the Logic of Love"!

Happy New Year to all!

Angelika S.