Dear Ladies, Friends, and Families,

Greetings in this pre-spring time, although there is much snow on the ground in some areas of our country.

We in WFWP USA feel it is spring time, as a wonderful moment is being created for this year 2017 that is filled with creative ideas and great initiatives springing up from our local level.

This month's issue speaks of actions of goodness and love, expressed in various service projects, and most of all the wonderful inspiration of our Founder's example on her 74th birthday of "leadership through service". (Please read the articles pertaining to that and her letter). Solutions to many problems in our society as well as personal healing can occur when we serve another person. As Charles Dickens said: "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another."

As we proceed into March, Women's History Month there are many activities on the schedule, such as the CSW events. In addition, we will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the founding of WFWP on April 10 as well as the 20th anniversary of WFWP's being given NGO General Consultative Status.

There is much excitement and hope in the air, as women and mothers continue to understand our unique and divine value. We have many things to offer to create balance, harmony, joy and beauty in our environment, regardless of the many kinds of obstacles and challenges that face us. Women have the ability and inner strength to turn pain into purpose, lifting others up and the world up to create what we call a Culture of the Heart and a Culture of Peace as long as we have peace in our own hearts.

With love,