Aimmee Kodachian, Special Liaison Officer for WFWP USA, knows the challenges of overcoming difficulties. With only a 4th grade education, traumatized by having lived 13 years through the 1975 Lebanese Civil War, Aimmee arrived in America unable to read, write, or speak English. She was told to go home by those who didn’t see any way for her to succeed.

Despite these challenges and setbacks, Aimmee was able to tap into her Negotiator Mind™ – the mental equivalent of a GPS system – to start her own business, publish a book, and become the producer and host of several television shows. She is the hostess and founder of the Empowering Humanity TV Show, which will soon be aired worldwide and available on Amazon Fire TV as well as other major networks.

Discover more about Aimmee’s incredible journey at NegotiatorMind.com and get access to her FREE online class where she teaches people the steps they must begin to gain clarity around their purpose and unlock their full potential. She also offers a monthly program where she teaches people how to tap into their own Negotiator Mind™ so they can unleash its power in their lives so they, too, can achieve their dreams.

Now, Aimmee is offering training to any WFWP member who feels ready to discover their true potential but may be struggling to figure out which direction to head or where to begin. Use the coupon code “WFWP” to get an exclusive discount on her classes and start on that journey of discovery today!

Here is what our WFWP USA President and Vice President have to say about her:

“Aimmee Kodachian has been a long time associate and partner with the Women’s Federation for World Peace, as her vision very much resonates with the message of our organization. Not only is Mrs. Kodachian our Special Liaison Officer and excellent talk show host, she is also a most experienced educator and professional woman leader. What makes her especially unique is that whatever she shares with her audiences comes straight from her heart and touches the listener. We are delighted to introduce her work and this special program, Negotiator Mind™, at a special discount to our audiences, since we believe that whoever participates will be uplifted, empowered and motivated to make a difference.”
Angelika Selle, WFWP USA President

"Using her own experiences and stories from how she came from having almost nothing to accomplishing everything she's dreamed of, Aimmee guides the listener through unlocking their own potential. It is very inspiring and empowering to hear how each person, no matter where you may be in your life currently, can transform things from the inside-out. And not just for our own sake, but so we can also share our unique gifts to make the world a better place. Definitely worth the time to get in tune with your inner self and discover new ways to help yourself either get out of a rut or excel even further."
Katarina Connery, WFWP USA Vice President