The African Diaspora Leadership Conference, in the words of Mrs. Lynette Fall, was “epic”. This historic conference took place from July 12 to 15 at the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas, Nevada and was attended by 85 participants. From the opening night on July 12 to the closing on Sunday morning, it was magnificent and vibrant.

WFWP contributed to the victory of this event in many ways. In addition to a financial donation, WFWP President Angelika Selle wrote a heartfelt letter for the opening of the event which was read by Regional Chairwoman Denneze Nelson. The letter was touching to many who attended and set the tone of a Mother’s Heart at the conference. Several WFWP Chairwomen and former Chairwomen were also involved, from Dallas, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Missouri, California, and elsewhere.

The Blessed Bridge of Love inspired by the words of Father Moon, WFWP Co-founder, became a replica of WFWP’s Bridge of Peace. There was also deep education about how to love each other which culminated in a heart wrenching, spiritual moment of belly-bottom tears, repentance, and overcoming. The Mother’s heart reigned through this session as many men and women cried. The result of this experience was an amazing sense of peace and unity.

When there is unity victory will come. From a historical perspective, it appears that the events related to women and African Americans are paralleled. This was so obvious in this conference. Also for the first time, this was a conference where almost all of the presentations were done in pairs (male and female) to represent the image and likeness of Heavenly Parent. This was a stunning success and everything was very beautifully done even in areas where preparation was limited.


The substantial victory came on the last day during the Senegal Support Committee. The goal was to raise $100,000 in support of Mother Moon’s recent work in Senegal. However, gratefully, over $166,000 was raised. In the true spirit of this spiritual unity, one of the anonymous donors requested that WFWP’s school in Senegal should receive a percentage of the money. The money will be donated to two schools in Senegal: WFWP’s Social Self-Support Assistance Center “JAMOO” and another school which plans to sign up to become an affiliate of WFWP or one of our sponsored schools. As it stands the money for the schools will be given to and distributed by WFWP.

Just as the conference started with WFWP and African Diaspora members sitting together and building a coalition for oneness and victory, it also ended in a similar manner with more of one ingredient – Love.  It was a great experience. I am happy to have been at the forefront of receiving liberation for my ancestors from Mother Moon and giving back my love, gratitude, and support to her work to make Senegal a model nation.


Letter of Greeting from WFWP USA President to African Diaspora Conference

To my beloved brothers and sister of African descent, and brothers and sisters from Africa,

It is my great joy and honor to send you heartfelt greetings and love from WFWP USA for this very historic occasion of the first African Diaspora Leadership Conference, held at the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas, July 12-16, 2018!

Over the past two decades I have been concerned about the heart, pain, and history of Blacks in the Americas, who endured the evil of slavery for 400 years. Through various experiences I have come to deeply understand and experience the heart of my African-American brothers and sisters. At the same time, I also came to understand and feel the heart of my African brothers and sisters, who have suffered under harsh and cruel European colonialism, which still shows its ugly head to this day in Mother Africa. How unimaginable it is to me that Whites could treat their black brothers and sisters as less than human, things that can be bought and sold, forced to labor, bred like cattle, stripped from one’s family on a whim. Can any of us Whites or Asians imagine, what it feels like to be a black person, and in particular a black woman???

How could it be, that we see ourselves to be superior to you, and not see your greatness, your intelligence, your soul, your heart and spirituality, your divinity as eminently worthy sons and daughters of God?

Through this all, we held each other in spiritual chains and continued suffering, and thus also the Providence here in America could not fully unfold.

My deepest gratitude goes therefore to Mother Moon who liberated us all when she went to Goree Island in Senegal to bring healing and release from the past. Praises be to God!

Now the actual healing and restorational work can unfold in substance, and that is what you are gathering for in Las Vegas…

May this African Diaspora Summit be a catalyst for healing, unity, creativity, ingenuity, and collaboration among all people of African descent (which includes people of all races indeed!) for the sake of the Providence in Africa as a whole, but also for this nation of America.

Brothers and sisters, your time has come to rise and shine and lead the way of the Heart!

With love,
Angelika Selle
President, WFWP USA
Vice President WFWP International


Excerpts of Letter of Gratitude to Mother Moon:

WORDS CANNOT describe what happened to us all. It was an upper room experience. The spirit of the ancestors came into the conference like a Rush of Mighty Wind and transformed our lives.

Everyone gathered around with a group hug as tears of joy, happiness and liberation filled the room. The room was overflowing with the Presence of our Creator, the Heavenly Parent, embracing us all. Each of us felt reborn with a stronger connection to the heart of Father and Mother Moon and deeper appreciation of your prayer at Goree Island! Thank you, Mother Moon!

The spirit of the conference changed forever. There was much spiritual activity and excitement in the morning that we never finished the scheduled session. We built it and they came! Unscheduled, unplanned, unrehearsed. It was phenomenal and amazing! We got exactly what we asked for. The Blessed Bridge of Love crossing was deeply moving, heartfelt with joy, happiness, smiles and warm embraces!

...We closed the conference on a high note with inspiration, renewed determination and great hope for a prosperous future to reach out to other brothers and sisters, share our experiences, and give all of our family members the good news of Opening the Heart of Africa by connecting to you...and build Cheon Il Guk [the Kingdom of Heaven] together!

Submitted by:
Daryl M. Clarke, Conference Co-chairman

Contribution and Editing by:
Dr. Achille Acolaste, Conference Chairman
Rev. Denneze Nelson, Conference Co-chairwoman

(letter edited for content)

Denneze Nelson