In response to the National Parents Day call to action, Carolyn Sampson, WFWP North Carolina Chairwoman, resolved to be involved and reached out to her community asking families to apply and nominate others. The resulting response was illuminating. So often we don’t realize just how wonderful and amazing the people around us are. Two of the nominated couples from the region proved themselves shining examples of parental love and family values.

Matney and Rachel Beck care for not only their children, but their community. In their words, “We strive to make our home a place of love and refuge from the world. A place where our children and their friends can enter in and feel that love. Our faith and religion teach us that no other success can compensate for failure in the home and that where love is the spirit of the Lord will be also.”

Frederick & Jatasha Harris also stand out true examples of parenthood, love, and humility. “We are not better than anyone, but what may set us apart from most parents is that we are transparent and share our victories and obstacles with people we know and don't know, to be a light or to give someone hope who may be looking to give up. We Believe and encourage our children to believe and live for the sake of others.”

“I am proud to say both families made the List. The Beck Family came in 1st place and the Harris Family tied for 4th place in the Southeast Region.

Due to special circumstances, the Becks were not able to attend the Awards Ceremony to

receive the 1st Place Award, BUT as Southeast Region winners they received a Certificate of Recognition. Representing the Becks at the Awards Ceremony, I received the Award on their behalf.

What I say is WOW! I am most proud of the two families. They are truly parents who exemplify parental love, service, dedication to their family and to the broader family of their local community.

I give thanks to Congress who in 1994 unanimously passed "The Parents' Day Resolution" establishing the fourth Sunday of July as a perennial day of commemoration. On this day each year outstanding parents (the Beck & Harris families among their number) are recognized nationally. They get to celebrate the teamwork in raising children, and most definitely model roles of parental guidance contributing to building a strong, stable world.

WFWP of NC Congratulates its Parents of the Year Nominees!

Carolyn Sampson