Are you excited every time you open your inbox and find a new edition of the Logic of Love newsletter? Are you passionate about sharing the good work that WFWP is doing around the country and want to tell your friends and co-workers about it? Then this article is for you!

Last month we invited our readers to take up the Become A Friend challenge as a new year’s resolution and sign up ten people for the bi-monthly Logic of Love newsletter. One of our readers eagerly responded to the challenge but wished to have some tips on how to achieve it, which prompted me to create this non-exhaustive list.

Use Become a Friend Cards: One way to ensure that you are always ready to inform people about the WFWP newsletter is to carry a few copies of these cards wherever you go. They easily fit in most handbags and provide a good conversation starter. This tool is especially useful when interacting with a new person you just met through a networking event. You can request an electronic copy from the WFWP head office at

Forward them a past newsletter in an email: What better way to convince someone of the quality of a product than have them try it out for themselves? Search your inbox and pick a newsletter that you particularly enjoyed, or perhaps one that you know is relevant to the person you are sending it to.

Encourage them to contribute to the newsletter: Perhaps you know someone who writes beautiful poetry or has a lot to offer with regards to relationships, women’s health, or other fitting topics in line with WFWP’s values. Not only would this provide valuable content for the newsletter, but it would also motivate the contributor to promote the Logic of Love News to their contacts.

Start up a conversation using the five points: Bring up the topic of women and their contribution to peace as you tell someone about the five points that friends of WFWP agree on If they accept the points, invite them to become part of this network of like-minded individuals and supporters of peace. You can find the points and the form to sign them up here:

Share a post on social media: Click on the image below to share it with all your friends and add a couple of lines to your post for context, such as why you personally enjoy the newsletter.

These are just a few ideas to help get you started, but I would love to hear from you: what works and what doesn’t, any other methods you can come up with, and so on. In fact, if you make a determination to fulfill this goal in 2019, send me a message and we can all support each other! Write to: