Editor’s note: This poem was previously published in the Logic of Love Newsletter on December 30th, 2015, and is being published here again with permission by the author, in honor of Black History Month (February) and in light of WFWP Founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s recent Africa Summit in Senegal. The poem was also published in Sabine Kouassi’s 2012 book, "The Voice in You & Me" (available on Amazon).

Africa, my Africa,

How beautiful You are!

But You are not loved and admired,

Instead Blood and Misery are Your daily Diet.

Africa, my Africa,

How pitiful You are!

Africa, our Africa,

How very special You are!

Deep in our Hearts You are loved and admired,

But still You are tortured by Your daily Diet.

Africa, our Africa,

How abused, mistreated and neglected You are!

Africa, God's Africa,

Oh, how wonderful You are!

Absolutely You will be loved and admired,

God's Love and Truth shall be Your daily Diet.

Rise and bow,

True Parents have come!

All will be free,

One by One!

Africa, God's Africa,

See, how richly Blessed You are!


By Mrs. Sabine Kouassi, 1999

Sabine Kouassi