I met Rufus on my early-morning walk
Every day we would talk
Jim and Terry joined him
It was fun to befriend them

We walked in different directions around the lake
And then we met again for each other’s sake
To talk about the day and our lives
They told me all about their wives

Rufus was the leader
Full of love, life and cheer
Just turning 80, he was young
And from what I could see, he was fun

He told me about the five books he wrote on his life
I was delighted when he suggested
I read how he met his wife

I accepted his offer eagerly
And went home to read his book speedily
Laughter and tears flowed continually
Until I told my husband he had to read it readily

I highly suggest you read his books
It won’t take time to take a look
And decide these are great books

Full of life and energy
Filial love and piety
Please see Rufus’ notoriety

If you would like to check out the book, it’s available here. Below is a short excerpt from the first chapter “Family Memories”, also written in verse:

When Grandpa drove up to the house,
We met him at the gate,
He always had a block of ice,
And pop, he brought a case.

We always hugged our Grandpa’s neck
And walked with him inside,
Cause Grandpa was so good to us
But never tanned our hides!

We then washed up and took our seats,
The food was always blessed.
Then Grandpa buttered biscuits
And made them taste the best!

To each of us, we all got one
And then he passed the food.
We took just what we planned to eat
But no more than we could!

Grandma’s cooking could not be beat,
Everything she made we ate
And then she gave us each dessert
But we had to clean our plates!

We never left the table
Unless we were excused
And then we left and played outside
But not in our good shoes!

Shirley Chimes