The Chicago Chapter of WFWP, “Delivering” Gift Designs, and ACLC Women in Ministry joined efforts to collaborate and promote family values both here and in Africa. The International Table Top Gallery events held May 27 and 28 are being described as a very unique and “different” kind of attraction for Chicagoans.

For one, the concept is the dream of a worldwide traveler and inspirational designer who for years has collected items new and seasoned with the desire to create “table tops,” from simple to elegant, with themes for every occasion. Secondly, WFWP and ACLC of Chicago feel that mothers should be encouraged to bring families back to the table; not only to share meals but also to share conversation, daily goals, challenges, and to work on solutions as a family.

While planning this event, everyone agreed to expand all aspects of the table gathering to include our African families in the Schools of Africa program (SOA) that WFWP has supported for over 20 years now. Consequently, as a fundraiser for SOA, two tables were decorated with beautiful large African masks, necklaces and earrings, bracelets, baskets, dolls, and beautiful figurines for sale. Guests were eager to ask questions about the pamphlets, literature, and memberships available.

Approximately fifteen tables graced with an assortment of napkins, plates, centerpieces, candle holders, flowers, chargers, and other decorative items; were carefully viewed by our guests. One sale, a cute four piece setting entitled, “My Little Blue Cat” (a porcelain centerpiece) was purchased by Bishop Lewis who is a strong male supporter of WFWP and ACLC. “The Minister’s Gold Table,” an eight-piece place setting with a two-foot tall gold bird stand candelabra, was purchased by Evangelist Greta Myers, the Women in Ministry leader and Love Train Ministry founder. Special appreciation goes to Evangelist Rita Pritchet who purchased two table tops tastefully decorated in modern black, white, and red; one for casual dining and the other a formal setting. Items from the tables were carefully packed in especially prepared boxes that were convenient for carrying and handling.

As guests arrived and departed, the event took on a very spiritual aspect when guests who were eating began reminiscing about the days when the table was set and the family talked, joked, and enjoyed each other’s company. They began to quote Bible scriptures pertaining to the importance of table gatherings and the bonding impact on their own lives. Today’s families are in desperate need for a return of these values, and of making use of the ordinary, simple items already available in the home that can make a big impact on those around the tables.

Many thanks to WFWP Chicago Chair Lady, Patricia Fliginger, ACLC/Women in Ministry, Greta Myers, my sister Teresa L. Harris, my daughter Penny who shared my dream and all those who made their contributions in whatever way they manifested. It was a blessing to have the opportunity to share my designer experience with friends and family. And even more important, I am grateful for the opportunity to raise funds for those less fortunate than ourselves. A portion of all table top sales is being donated to the Schools of Africa ongoing project. There’s a button in the newsletter and on the WFWP website for any time a little bird reminds you to donate something for African children’s education.