On the morning after the launching of the Global Women’s Peace Network (GWPN) on the West Coast (read all about it here) and a most powerful and stirring Peace Starts with Me – Blessing America Rally, a special breakfast gathering was held with the newly appointed WFWP International President Mrs. Julia Moon.

Since this GWPN launching was her first appearance in the USA as international president, about 30 of our WFWP leaders and members, including WFWPI UN Office Deputy Director Alexa Ward and her team, stayed an extra day to be able to welcome Mrs. Moon and also get to know her.

As she entered the room that morning on April 7th, Mrs. Julia Moon was received with a warm, standing ovation! She had already won the hearts of the women the day before at the launching event, and all were very happy to see her up close and personal in a more relaxed setting and to share together freely.

After each lady introduced herself briefly, Mrs. Susan Felsenthal Janer, WFWP representative for South Gate, California, presented three proclamations to Mrs. Moon: one from the City of South Gate Mayor, Maria Belen Bernal, one from the State of California Assembly Speaker, Anthony Rendon, and one from California Congresswoman Hon. Nanette Barragán.

All three documents proclaimed April 6 to be observed as “Global Women’s Day – Peace Starts with Me” in Los Angeles and in California!


Thereafter, President Selle, who facilitated this joyful meeting, asked for reflections from the day before, for both the GWPN launch as well as the Peace Starts With Me – Blessing America Rally with our WFWP Co-founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon at the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California. All reflections touched our hearts in a deep way, some were even tearful, and all insightful, hopeful and empowering! (See reflections in another article in this issue. Most of them have been paraphrased based on personal notes.)

Mrs. Julia Moon then received the microphone and began to also share from her heart (read excerpt here).

President Selle thanked all for their invaluable contributions, especially Rev. Dr. Linda Nishikawa, WFWP Regional Director for the West Coast, Emma Reed, the Southern California Chairwoman, who only weeks before had lost her son to the spirit world, Mrs. Susan Felsenthal Janer, who brought public officials to the occasion, and last but not least the core team with WFWP USA Vice President Mrs. Katarina Connery and WFWP USA Outreach Coordinator Mrs. Kiyomi Schmidt for their great work.

President Selle concluded with a brief call to action to now move forward on the wave of growth and development that was created through these events and great efforts invested, and get ready to launch the GWPN in the Southwest Region next, which is scheduled to occur on June 21 and 22 in Las Vegas!

It was overall felt that these events surely were yet another Turning Point for WFWP and a new beginning for the GWPN on the West Coast.

Our deepest gratitude goes to Mother Moon, who created the foundation for this spiritual uplift and progress for all!

And we also welcome our new International President Mrs. Julia Moon, who truly touched all of our hearts.