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Excitement Abounds as WFWP DC Metro Area Lays the Groundwork for Peace in 2018

Written by  January 31st, 2018
Excitement Abounds as WFWP DC Metro Area Lays the Groundwork for Peace in 2018

On December 10, 2017 about 50 people joined the DC, Maryland and Virginia WFWP Chapters as they gathered at the Washington Times Beech Room to honor volunteers who helped make 2017 a great success for the DC Metro area and celebrate WFWP’s 25th Anniversary. The evening started with an invocation by Min. Chi Mauuso, WFWP DC Community Coordinator. Emaculate Mungye, Youth Director, Washington DC Family Church, was inspiring as our MC and seamlessly moving the evening along.

We all enjoyed a review of the activities each chapter created in 2017 through a beautiful slideshow. Our wonderful member, Otmar Weinmann, offered two musical selections and served as our official Audio Expert/Photographer for the evening.

Through a creative slide presentation and sharing her personal experiences with WFWP founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, and other leaders of WFWP, President Angelika Selle created a vision of hope and encouragement for the coming year 2018 and beyond. Excitement penetrated the room as we reflected on the vision of WFWP impacting our world through education, service, and the “Bridge of Peace” programs, offering families a path to peace through the logic of love in the family and societies throughout the world and in future generations to come.

The beautiful Washington DC Family Church Children’s Group brought energy and joy to the room through a dance presentation lead by Juliet Wakaria. WFWP DC Chapter Chairwoman, Elizabeth Aihe, shared a “Thank You Poem” that moved our hearts with the love of God for His children.

Virginia chapter honoreesVirginia chapter honorees

Each of the Chapter Chairwoman honored their volunteers and gave recognition for their outstanding service.

  • Elizabeth Aihe, District of Columbia Chapter
  • Pauline Eby, Maryland Chapter
  • Zena Ruf, Virginia Chapter

The volunteers for each chapter are listed at the end of this report.

Jane Karimi, Chairwoman of Washington DC Family Church Global Sisters, inspired everyone to continue the good works of WFWP through a Call to Action. Elizabeth Aihe offered closing remarks and we all shared refreshments together.

Through the networking and getting to know each other better, the Metro DC area chapters laid the groundwork for the coming year to bring even more effective results toward bridging the peace between all races, cultures, ethnicities, and religions, creating one family centered on God, true love, and living for the sake of others.


MD Chapter - Pauline Eby honored the following people:

  1.    Vicki Phelps
  2.    Andrea Rissanen
  3.    Mikiko Zimmerman
  4.    Dottie Chicquelo
  5.    Susan Fefferman
  6.    Kim Dadachanji
  7.    Sasha Butler
  8.    Emiko Butler
VA Chapter - Zena Ruf honored the following people:
  1.    Katherine Cromwell
  2.    Debbie Loew
  3.    Judie Lejeune
  4.    Rhonda Williams
  5.    Carmella Ciemny
  6.    Jerry Ciemny
  7.    Misako Connery
  8.    Zulfia Quahar
  9.    Fatima
DC Chapter - Elizabeth Aihe honored the following people:
  1.    Caroline Sonna
  2.    Diane Falk
  3.    Eny Reed
  4.    Wasana Catalan
  5.    Min. Chi Mauuso
  6.    Rev. Susan Taylor
  7.    Rev. Randy  & Kumiko Francis (their love and support as well as WFWP event set up at the Washington Times)
  8.    Otmar Weinmann (love and support as well as offering his Audio/Photography services including entertainment).
Elizabeth Aihe also recognized people for their support of WFWP DC events:
  1.    Angelika Selle
  2.    Rebecca Holland
Recently joined DC team as core members:
  1.    Min. Chi Mauuso
  2.    Jane Karimi
  3.    Juliette Wakaria
  4.    Comfort Ekpe
For entertainment:
  1.    Nanae Goto
  2.    Miwako Lindsey
  3.    Nazeeha Howard
  4.    Meavell Tate
Young Adult Volunteers – for event set up, event registration and WFWP membership promotion:
  1.    Changhwan Mungai
  2.    David Aihe
  3.    Hanta Catalan
  4.    Yesook Catalan
  5.    Ema Mungye for Emceeing WFWP events


Washington DC Chapter team and youthWashington DC Chapter team and youth

Maryland chapter honoreesMaryland chapter honorees

More Maryland chapter honoreesMore Maryland chapter honorees

Rev. FrancisRev. Francis


Washington DC Family Church African Dance Kids Group Washington DC Family Church African Dance Kids Group

WFWP Washington DC chapter HonoreesWFWP Washington DC chapter Honorees

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