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25th Anniversary Celebrated on Earth Day

Written by  June 15th, 2017
25th Anniversary Celebrated on Earth Day

The Maine Chapter of WFWP acknowledged the 25th anniversary of the founding of WFWP and Earth Day on Saturday April 22 with a celebration of the people on our planet Earth. Each of us shared something of our own unique cultures while rejoicing that we are all bonded together with one heart – a heart filled with the logic of love.

The day started with a multicultural potluck luncheon. Each lady brought a dish from her country of origin. Japan, Ethiopia, Peru, Spain, South Sudan, Portugal along with Maine, Nebraska and New York were the countries and the states in the United States that were represented.

The entertainment offered was as diverse as the meal. Nyamuon Mguany Machar gave a powerful spoken-word performance entitled “Have You Seen My Son?” looking at the tragedy in South Sudan through a mother’s eyes. The participant ladies from Japan, Mayumi Hewes, Miyoko Fleming, and Kayo Rangel, sang one of WFWP Founders’ favorite songs, Furusato (Hometown). In addition, they treated us to a sushi rolling demonstration, serving matcha and teaching the art of origami by folding cranes. The meeting closed with a Native American drum song “The Earth is Our Mother,” led by Patsy Onatah.

The ladies of the Maine Chapter also gathered school and small medical supplies for the Sunac School in Guinea Bissau. Ms. Maria Cushing will be traveling to Guinea Bissau as an interpreter for a medical mission and will visit the school on our behalf to share our gifts with the students.

A local naturopathic doctor was invited as a special guest in the hopes that she will return in May to speak on the topic of holistic health. All in all, celebrating Mother Earth and WFWP’s 25th Anniversary fit together perfectly and everyone was humbled by the unique gifts and talents brought by each person who came.