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Serving at "The Shade Tree"

Written by  May 31st, 2017
Serving at "The Shade Tree"

The Shade Tree is a women’s shelter here in North Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Chapter of WFWP has been very pleased to make connections there over the past few months through bringing donations of clothes and toys. However, this month of April was our first chance to go there and help out as volunteers.

Although we did not have a lot of time to put the word out, and a few ladies were ill at the last moment, on Wednesday April 26, we made a very good start with this new monthly activity.

We served lunch from 10 to 12. After lunch we were given a tour of the facilities. When we got to the children’s play center, Katherine Duncan picked up a hoola hoop and started playing with it. Then Dani and I started doing it, but none of us could keep it going for very long. Then to our surprise, Marja Davis, who has a delicate health situation, could really do it well. The staff there really enjoyed the visit of our little group and we were happy to make them laugh. They started taking pictures.

The wonderful Shade Tree staff ladies were delighted that we had volunteered that day and had even participated with the hoola hoop in the Children’s Activity Center! Thanks to our wonderful WFWP members, we had lots of clothes, handbags, and shoes to donate to the center.

The Shade Tree has many areas that need volunteers. If you would like to know more about helping out at The Shade Tree please contact Mary Hida or Sera Hirano, the chapter co-chairwomen. We would love to have a bigger group to volunteer their talents and time next month and in the coming months.

Thank you Marja, Katherine, Donni, and Deverynn for making it a great morning of service and really reaching out to the clients there to make their day a little brighter. You all really went above and beyond!