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In the Midst Of Love

Written by  June 15th, 2017
In the Midst Of Love

On May 20, 2017, Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) celebrated their 25th anniversary in Tempe, Arizona. This celebration brings meaning to the saying, “Love makes the world go round.”

Over two hundred people from different countries and states across the United States traveled to Tempe to take part in this event. WFWP sets a new standard for the love in communities that this generation lacks. WFWP teaches support, patience, endurance, and, most of all, how to love others beyond ordinary measures. Not only did the Arizona Chapter of WFWP celebrate their 25th anniversary of inspiring and uniting women across the world to bring peace with one another, they also successfully raised funds to continuously support the eight schools that the organization has built in Africa, as well as a student library in a province in the Philippines.

WFWP also launched another project of their organization, the Global Women’s Peace Network (GWPN), during the celebration. This project signifies a gate among cultures to bring peace and unity for a deeper cause, to complete the gap between differences. The organization continues to thrive on reaching and lending a hand to those who have lost their purpose and hope for the elusive peace among societies.

There were also four different women who were given the HerStory Award, recognizing their strength and belief that though there are many obstacles and hardships in life, they maintained a positive atmosphere and created a different perspective to overcome them. These women prevailed over the battles they faced and chose to rise above their difficulties. More importantly, through their success, they never forgot to give back to their society. These women offer themselves wholeheartedly to share every aspect of their beings for the sake of others.

One of the awardees of the “Her Story Award”, Sarah Cheriyan and her husband, emphasized the significance of loving a neighbor as oneself. Their story shows that regardless of the circumstances and hardships that may occur, despite the desires of their human nature; this family has given up a life that is developed and chose to live in such a way that isn’t for everybody, let alone easy to choose. Sarah’s family supports schools in India to attain sustainability and support. Her family gives hope to those who are limited by resources and opportunities. Though she has the advantages, she chose to lower herself to the same position as her neighbors to relieve them.

Having attended this event was a blessing and honor to witness such unity come together under one purpose, to extend love not only to families but also to neighbors across the world. The amount of love and support that was shared and expressed is beyond words. It is immeasurable and it is people like this who bring light in the core of the shattered chaos amongst us. Women’s Federation for World Peace’s cause and values is a necessity that is far more valuable than any desire known to humankind.