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Great Leadership: Moving Past the Impossible

Written by  August 1st, 2017
Rhia with WFWP Honorees Rhia with WFWP Honorees

What makes a great leader? This question often plays a role in our lives when we are placed under circumstances to choose the person to lead us. In this nation where social pressures often affect our decisions, it is hard to navigate through the chaos of who might be fit to lead, or whom can live up to our expectations.

Being a leader doesn’t mean that the leader gets first place and is entitled before those who are under them. Instead leading confers a mountain of responsibilities that requires commitment, determination, and perseverance. A great leader often has humility in the forefront of their decisions. A great leader puts themselves in the shoes of those who follow them. Finally, a great leader isn’t afraid to fail in the face of a raging storm.

Everyone needs inspiration, whether it is something we are willing to admit or not. It is human nature to find something to cling to that provides a light through the tunnel of things to come. Arizona’s chapter of Women’s Federation for World Peace is very humbled to call one of their leaders, Rhia Nkulu, their very own example of a great leader. Mrs. Nkulu’s inspiration comes from her faith in God, that his work will be done regardless of the trials the organization faces. Through the uncertainty of things unseen, Mrs. Nkulu’s faith and hard work enabled a community to come together and host WFWP’s 25th Anniversary event in Arizona, that will never be forgotten. Through the faith of one woman, a light spread forth that lit a fire under those who witnessed her commitment and brought inspiration to a community to become the change they wished to witness within themselves.

Mrs. Nkulu continues to thrive from the strength of her faith. She has learned to live in humility and putting others before her. The success of the event that was hosted under her guidance comes from her love and from a place that is often overlooked, a place of prayer and the grace from a faith that is freely given.

Time and time again while attending the meetings to organize WFWP’s 25 Anniversary Celebration in Arizona, faith in prayer was always at the forefront. The consistency of her commitment and selfless attitude drove her and the rest of us and allowed her to overcome the impossible. Her love and courage not only brought consistent attention to the importance of community, but also gave motivation to those who were struggling, to look past the disappointments they encountered. Mrs. Nkulu chooses to rejoice over the difficult circumstances that life continues to hurl her way.

Her constancy comes from her faith in God, knowing that He will never fail her. Having witnessed the efforts and inspiration of a heart so willing, has brought a sense of direction to her life that is filled with battles that appear to be unbearable when I look at them. It is easy to say that one confides in their faith. But I have witnessed that once one truly confides in God, there are no limitations, however high the mountains may seem. Needless to say, when you are not afraid of the level of difficulty that you are trying to accomplish, but instead have faith and know that things under the will of God will always flourish, that little faith is all that is needed to make something beautiful happen.

WFWP Arizona Chapter Chairwoman, Rhia Nkulu is a wonderful example of a great leader who allows others to shine and gives credit to working together under the hand of God, to whom she gives the ultimate credit.

Rhia Nkulu honoring those she works withRhia Nkulu honoring those she works with

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