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What We Stand For

1) We affirm women's value in the eyes of a loving Creator, and promote a world of goodness and peace.

2) We uphold and defend the God-given rights and dignity of women here in the United States and worldwide.

3) We promote healthy and virtuous relationships within the family between husband and wife, parents and children, and extended-family members, and we educate and nurture young women to develop a character of internal and external excellence.

4) We embrace one global community transcending long-held barriers such as race, religion, and nationality through service, education, and celebration of unique differences.

5) We empower women to take the lead for the sake of world peace in all sectors of society, utilizing their qualities of selflessness, compassion, and a desire for mutual prosperity that are central to a mother's heart.

The power of inspired, God-given feminine nature will create a tidal wave of good fortune and lasting peace!