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Upstate New York

Warm greetings to you!

Thank you for visiting the "Upstate NY WFWP Chapter website"! We would like to invite you to attend our monthly meetings and learn many helpful and inspiring things to help you. We welcome new visitors and we usually have 15 to 20 women gather in a very sisterly atmosphere. Our meetings are usually a potluck meeting on Saturday evening at 48 Garden St, Red Hook, NY 12571 (unless otherwise announced). After our potluck meal, we gather and hear a speaker on topics of healing or spirituality. We sometimes have random practical presentations also!

Please come and experience a heavenly sisterly feeling and love. We welcome women to also share their expertise with their own skills or "ministries". Please call or email me with any further questions:

Dorothy Hill
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Dear chairwomen and leaders,This is to inform you that as of December 9, 2017, our esteemed chairwoman, Mrs. Renate Sato, is moving on to other areas of her calling. We wholeheartedly thank Mrs. Renate for her exemplary leadership, heart, and investment in serving the Westchester Chapter over the last 10 years. Our best wishes for Mrs. Renate in her new undertakings, most of all continued good health and success. Stepping into the position of chairwoman of the Westchester WFWP chapter is Mrs. Kathy Ross, who has been a consistent and ardent supporter of WFWP for many years. Welcome, Kathy, as we look forward to your leadership and bringing the Westchester chapter to the next level! Sincerely,Angelika Selle
Westchester's 12th annual benefit for the Schools of Africa Project was held in Irvington, NY at the beautiful, modern Eileen Fisher Hall located next to the Hudson River. Looking out of the wall-to-wall windows in the spacious hall, it was stunning to see the glistening river right outside. We are grateful for the generosity of Eileen Fisher for allowing us the use of this venue. Eileen Fisher is a Fortune 500 company, a very distinguished fashion designer, and is well-known for her support of worthy causes and worthwhile organizations. Our emcee, Ms. Susan Bouachri, opened the program, introducing the very talented, Mr. Raoul Joseph who warmed the atmosphere and our hearts by singing, "If We Hold on Together." After which Mrs. Alexa Ward-Fish, Deputy Director of the UN Office of…
On August 30, 20 women gathered together and enjoyed a day of healing. The fourth annual Women's Healing Retreat, held under the theme "Forgive, Let Go, and Begin Anew," took place at Mrs. Dorothy Hill's house with Mrs. Gillian Corcoran, Mrs. Linda Zochol, and Mrs. Hill facilitating. The retreat was held in loving memory of our beloved sister, Mrs. Marie-France Dougherty. We listened in the morning to personal healing stories on forgiveness and letting go. In the afternoon, we all did an exercise called "the miracle of self-healing." We then brought our newly formed intention into our walk in the labyrinth, and concluded by sharing our experiences of healing or new insights. We were honored to hear authentic stories of healing in each other's lives. We noticed that the power…
Members and guests of WFWP in Upstate New York enjoyed a healing retreat during a weekend this past June. The name of our retreat was "Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World," and was all about nurturing ourselves, learning to breathe, learning to relax, learning to be in the moment, and a lot of healing. Thirty-three women came, five of whom were guests of WFWP. The retreat included three main presentations. One of the presentations was given by a lady who gave Reiki attunement to everybody. A local lady, who was somewhat of a psychic, spoke on building our intuition. She then gave a group reading, which was fascinating and empowering. For another activity, one sister had everybody do vision boards. Another local woman showed us a type of dancing yoga she…
Our Upstate New York WFWP chapter was thrilled to welcome our WFWP president to speak on July 10 at a meeting at the Unification Theological Seminary in Barrytown, N.Y., from 1-3 p.m. Forty sisters—from young to older—came, including a group that drove down from Albany for the event. After a delicious salmon and sushi pot-luck lunch, President Angelika Selle provided a deep and comprehensive overview of the vision and activities of WFWP USA, using a PowerPoint format. Our audience was taken with the warmth, authenticity, and prayerful and dedicated spirit of the presentation. All present were impressed by the many activities, outreach, and hands-on work that WFWP is doing throughout America. Especially moving were the reports of our WFWP members serving areas of immediate need, such as with tsunami victims…
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