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Peace Begins With Me - WFWP Guests’ Reflections

Written by  July 31st, 2017
Peace Begins With Me - WFWP Guests’ Reflections
“It was worth every moment of the struggle to get here and see Mother Moon!

I sent her my energy, as I felt hers and was so moved by who she is and what she is doing for the world. It was an amazing experience.

“I felt that there was something deeper going on, like a paradigm shift was happening and an igniting of the hearts of the people as it ignited mine, and I feel that a historic move that Mother Moon had to make for the sake of God and America.​”

Aimmee Kodachian
AK Experts TV
​Las Vegas, Nevada

Aimmee KodachianAimmee Kodachian

"It was a life changing experience! I had to book my ticket the moment I heard about it, even only a week before the event! And I am so glad I came and want to continue to work with WFWP and the women to support Mother Moon"

Dr, Cassandra McDonald Ph.D. -CEO
C.A.S.S.-M.I.N.D. 501-(C)(3)
Academy-Autism Learning Center
​Columbus, Ohio​

"Mother Moon is a powerful woman of God! She is so great! I had to come from Uganda on my own dime to see her and to find out what this Women’s Federation for World Peace is all about.

I think, all Women should emulate her, she is a great model, and if she can do what she is doing, we can do it!"

Mary Asiimwe Timanywa​​
Good Shep​herd Foundation
​​​​Kampala, Uganda

“Thank you for the Women's Federation for World Peace's hospitality. We just arrived safe in Arizona. I'm sooo blessed by Mother Moon's words. They brought tears to my heart, to know that I'm doing what she says: to love others and be the light. Sister Rhia is a true daughter of God, a True Angel. Especially thank you for the wonderful seats. Also thanks from my love, Greg. It was his first time at a Women's Federation event. He got impacted. Thank you soo much. Bless you. ​

​​Elizabeth Inganamort
Founder of Falcons Guard Center
Tempe, Arizona​

Elizabeth InganamortElizabeth Inganamort

Also WFWP USA signed up 200 women and some men for the Madison Square Garden Host Committee in support of Mother Moon's coming! See the full list at