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Anticipating a Future of Peace and Prosperity: CA Bay Area’s 25th Anniversary and Leadership of the Heart Seminar

Written by  January 1st, 2018
Anticipating a Future of Peace and Prosperity: CA Bay Area’s 25th Anniversary and Leadership of the Heart Seminar

The beautiful Christmas decorations at the home of the LeRoy family contributed to the warm and joyful atmosphere of the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of WFWP on Saturday December 9, 2017. Pat Fleischman, chapter chairwoman, opened the gathering with a reading from a speech given by Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon, cofounder of WFWP, at the founding of WFWP in a speech on October 21,1992:

"We see the signs of decay and confusion all around us. We need look no further than our own communities to find babies born addicted to drugs, children scarred by physical and sexual abuse, young dreams destroyed by unwanted pregnancy, and neighborhoods under the siege of random violence. 

As women we are deeply affected by these images. Our families and our children are casualties of a culture that exalts living mainly for the self. The impact of this selfishness reaches from the individual to our families, communities, nations, and world. 

That is why we have launched the Women's Federations for World Peace. This year alone, I have spoken to more than one million women in Asia urging that we join together to fight this war to save our families. As women we reject the ideologies of the past that have oppressed humanity. We are all united in our desire to banish war, oppression and exploitation from this world, and to hasten the anticipated future of true freedom, peace, and prosperity." 

After viewing an introductory video about WFWP, everyone participated in a fun sisterhood ceremony. The women then became sharing partners for the main part of the program.

A section of the new Leadership of the Heart curriculum on Spirituality was presented and was greatly appreciated by everyone present. The main topics of that session are “Re-connect to My True Self,” “God Works Through My Passion,” and “Mind-Body Harmony.” There was much laughter and heartfelt discussion among the “sister” teams. Many people were especially moved by the very creative way the curriculum presented the topic of mind/body unity.