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The snow fell wet and heavy the night before our WFWP 25th Anniversary event on April 29. That is April weather in Denver, Colorado. It can rain, snow, hail and then burst forth with bright sunshine, all in the span of one day. But at 8 pm the night before, I was getting worried. Fellow shoppers at the grocery store told me we were getting anywhere from four to 12 inches of snow. They held up their smart phones and gave me grave looks."We can't have worked so hard on this event to have it cancelled!" I inwardly cried to myself and to God. I called my co-chairwoman, Shirley Chimes. She too was concerned, but we both came to the same conclusion: let's wait until morning and then we can…
The other day I thought of you In my mind's eye, I saw you Lovely Sister with a beautiful smile. Began my day and turned my dial. Since then, I'm thinking all the time Why don't my sister and I dine? Let's dress to the T's and wear a hat My lovely sister and I, out to eat Breakfast, lunch, or dinner; Please consider and let me know. I'm home all day with my phone, Waiting for you to call. So we can be alone, Together, dining, sharing -- together.

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December 1st, 2016
Around 40 people graced the halls of the Denver Family Church where the WFWP Denver Chapter held its annual fundraiser for the Schools of Africa. Ms. Justine Daboni and Ms. Shirley Chimes, both dressed in African clothing, emceed the event together. To start off, Justine welcomed everyone and a rousing song was sung. Shirley testified about Father and Mother Moon and presented on the New Hope Technical Institute in Kigali, Rwanda.Everyone was invited to partake in a sumptuous luncheon that consisted of fried plantains, meat pies, fish pies, fried rice, mixed veggie salad, seasonal fruit and other delectables. The tables were decorated in blue, green and yellow, reflecting the colors of the Rwandan flag. African cloths decorated the walls.One of the highlights of the program were various guests speaking for…
“The Bridge of Peace Ceremony came to us through inspiration in 1995. The idea came from the notion of creating a way, building a bridge, to meet each other in heart and to forge new relationships. The bridge is a symbol of crossing over the barriers that many of us hold in our hearts, or that generations past have held. It is also a symbol of being willing to embrace someone different so that we become bigger and greater by our ability to accept and love someone different than ourselves." After reading aloud the history and meaning of the Bridge of Peace, our healing service and Bridge of Peace began. The Denver Chapter of WFWP had the innovative idea to hold this ceremony on July 24, during the Sunday worship…
WFWP Colorado Activities 2014-2015 under Chairwoman Shirley Chimes 3-2-14 Transition ceremony from Catherine to Shirley3-30-14 Celebrating Moyna Hudgen’s 90th Birthday5-31-14 Mother’s Day Luncheon6-29-14 Honoring Peace Efforts by Mothers6-29-14 Alicia, Guardian Angel to Haiti, Maria D. Ponce7-24-14 UN Association Lunch Bunch9-29-14 HerStory Award, Mrs. Toshiko Sato11-23-14 A Taste of Israeli Society11-27-14 Fundraiser and Japanese Cultural Festival12-24-14 Baby Shower for World Peace12-25-14 Memories of Christmas1-30-15 Laughter and World Peace5-27-15 Discover Chiropractic and Nutrition7-21-15 What is LINK?8-28-15 Seeds of Peace on the Family Path Additional Articles: Behind the Scenes of the 1995 Beijing Women’s Conference; Recipe for Lentil Meatloaf, Value of Hugging, Grudges Hide Your Beauty.
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