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WFWP is women leading from the heart, taking action, and nurturing positive relationships for lasting peace. Talks, forums, reconciliation programs, national and international conferences, benefits, and service projects are all made possible thanks to your donations from the heart.

When values are put into action, goodness grows. Take your stand, and speak your values!

Your generous donations are tax-deductible.

Lunis Kinderworld in Nepal

Lunis Kinderworld

WFWP is a dynamic organization that is committed to providing women with the opportunity to create lasting peace in the world, through talks, forums at the United Nations, luncheon programs, racial and religious reconciliation projects, national and international conferences, benefits, and service projects.

Your generous donations will be used to further our work and are tax-deductible.

Schools of Africa Project


The Schools of Africa Project was established in 2001 in an effort to raise money in the United States for those schools either founded by, or supported by, WFWP International.

At the present time, WFWP, International is supporting nine schools in eight countries, including the Motoko Shiroma Kindergarten and Elementary School and the Pilar Momo Kindergarten and Elementary School, both in Equatorial Guinea; the One Hope Garden Primary Education Class in Ethiopia; the Sunac Elementary School in Guinea Bissau; the New Hope Technical Institute in Rwanda; the Handow Secondary School in Kenya; the Peace Hana School in Liberia; the Sun of Mozambique Secondary School in Mozambique; the New Hope Technical Institute in Rwanda, and the Social Self-Support Assistance Center in Senegal.

Donation Update 5/15/15

1% Love Share Fund


The 1% Love Share Project is a unique campaign initiated by Women's Federation for World Peace International to eradicate poverty through the donation of $1 per month ($12 per year) to those less fortunate around the globe, especially women and children.

Why is this project unique? Simply put, because it targets the needs of the human family. And as members of the human family, it is up to us to look across boundaries and borders and to send our love to those suffering, hungry, and in need.

The project began in 2002 with the donation of 30,000 pairs of underwear to children in North Korea through the Korean Women Leader's Association. More recently, the project has supported those in Haiti, Japan, the Philippines, and children in the Gaza Strip and of North Korean defectors, with medical supplies, mattresses, clothes, and much more.

To get involved, simply sign up for a one-time or recurring payment to the 1% Love Share Program here, and share the project with friends and family. Just imagine what one small act of love can do.

The small offering you give will help warm the hearts of our neighbors in the global village.